Helping improve America’s infrastructure is one of the Carlyle Group’s highest priorities. The Carlyle Group’s mandate, through its dedicated infrastructure fund and CAG Holdings, is to invest in tomorrow’s infrastructure to create better customer outcomes today.  We achieve this by creating partnerships with leading airports and airlines, and harnessing CAG’s existing relationships built over the management team’s extensive experience in the airport industry. We also identify the most critical and strategic investments to achieve maximum results for our partners and communities. Finally, we invest in key IP to support and streamline project development and acquisition opportunities.

The CAG management team has deep experience in overseeing major transportation infrastructure investments, which combined with our proprietary, highly-developed investment management process, allows for greater efficiency, clarity, and delivery of value-added results. Having been involved in more than 70 transactions and subsequently serving on portfolio company boards, the CAG management team enjoys unparalleled access to and experience in dealing with key decision makers in infrastructure and government and are also frequent speakers at industry conferences as well as recognized thought leaders.

CAG believes value is created and delivered through active management of our investments. To drive value, the CAG management team focuses on the following areas:

CAG aims to be the trusted development partner for both airports and airlines. As an end-to-end investment vehicle that can absorb key project delivery risks through deploying capital into essential airport infrastructure, CAG has the professional team, the experience, and the necessary resources to provide our partners with the best possible outcome for their investment needs.